Saving Money Through Sustainability

One of the biggest hurdles of the ethical fashion movement, and ethical goods over all, is price. If you go to any of the well known ethical fashion brands, you’ll see price tags of anywhere from 60 to 400 or more. Prices drop a little when it comes to fair trade, but not by much. And in today’s economy, saving money is still a big deal. Millennials and Generation Z show a lot of cynicism when it comes to spending money due to the 2008 housing crisis and the following depression. But not wanting to spend money shouldn’t lead away from a sustainable lifestyle. In fact, saving money can even point towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Four tips on how on saving money while living sustainably

Keeping Things for Longer

One of the best, and honestly easiest, ways to save money in an eco-conscious lifestyle is hold on to items. Unless an item is beyond repair or beyond washing, don’t get rid of it. And don’t feel like you need to go out and buy the latest fashion statement even if it is cheap and accessible to you. Instead, keep the clothes and accessories you currently own. This helps your wardrobe last and gives you some extra spending money for other things like food or small trips out.

Look for Discounts or Free Stuff

No matter where you’re going or what you’re buying, whether it’s hair cut, to a movie ticket, dinner, or just a shopping trip, there’s always ways to find discounts. And the same applies for eco-conscious activities too. Be in the habit of checking sites like Groupon for physical coupons to use when you’re out and about, and check out the Honey plugin to find coupons for online goods through Amazon and other retailers. Keep in mind, there may not be as many coupons available through Honey for sustainable goods, but it’s always good to check and make sure. Most companies are aware that discounts bring in new customers, so be sure to check for new customer coupons through sustainable goods sites as well.

Get Involved in Your Community

Another fantastic way to save money on events is looking at what your community is doing. Lots of community-based events are cheap or free depending on the type of event. And some communities have group activities that help being people together. One of the important parts of the sustainability movements is the focus on people and community. You can’t change the world by yourself, after all. Plus, you won’t always need to drive miles and miles to get to these events. So check your local community’s Facebook pages and groups, their website if they have one, or a local bulletin board to see what’s going on in the area and get involved.

Lastly, Bike or Walk

This last one is self-explanatory, and isn’t only great at saving money. It’s better for the environment and your health. Now, if you live somewhere more rural or north, chances are you’ll still need to drive your vehicle more often than not. But for days that don’t require a longer than 10 minute drive, try walking or biking to your destination. It’ll save you on gas money plus allows you to get fresh air and reduces air pollution due to car exhaust. Also keep in mind the weather, as biking or walking when there’s snow on the ground or when it’s near freezing point isn’t the best idea for your health.

And these are just some of the ways that saving money can help lead to a more sustainable lifestyle. What are some ways you’ve saved money by living sustainably? Let me know in the comments!

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